Our Play Irish Artist of the Week on Beat Breakfast is Laoise with her new pop banger ‘Gravy’.

With the release of ‘Gravy’, Laoise celebrates her infectious fun, giddy and outgoing side. Laoise says, “for me, Gravy embodies the idea that you can enjoy big moments without having to take it all too seriously or to overthink it, which is something I struggle with. I mean, I don’t think there’s any better compliment than being loved as much as one can love gravy!”

Laoise has been open and upfront about her struggles this past year. During the first Irish lockdown, Laoise found herself isolated, frustrated, questioning and almost quitting music altogether. She started therapy and worked on healthier ways to approach not only her music, but life in general. While working on her mental health, Laoise now channels her energy into her songwriting, taking away all previous pressures and expectations. She is coming out the other side stronger and more ambitious than ever!

“I feel like many, I’ve turned to music for comfort more than ever in the last year. Not just writing, but listening to some of my favourite albums from when I was a child and revelling in the nostalgia of it. I only hope that what I’m putting out can offer a similar sort of distraction for listeners, and it’s been a great way for me to continue looking inward and making music that marks exactly where I am in my life right now – which is a continuous venture towards trusting myself, being vulnerable with my words and healing.”

Laoise is also a member of the Irish Women In Harmony collective. She recorded on both ‘Dreams’ and the festive season single ‘Together At Christmas’.

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