Our Play Irish Artist of the Week on Beat Breakfast is Jafaris and his new single ‘Haunted’.

It’s his second single of 2020 following June’s Glue, both of which are inspired by the break-up of the same long-term relationship.

“The process of my break up was a huge chapter in my life and a lot of my close friends can attest to this,” Jafaris explains. “It was very much a life-changing experience to say the least but it brought about a lot of music that I actually got so tired of making. It had to come out of me though and I took it as my step to find closure.”

Known for his dynamic wordsmith and punching flows, Jafaris has switched his usual animated and explosive approach for something a little more blissful this time around – a true testament to his undeniable talent. Harnessed with an up-lifting and cinematic backdrop, courtesy of LA-based beat-smith Wynne Bennett (Janelle Monae, Twin Shadow, Tayla Parx), ‘Haunted’ is an awakened vessel of sound that explores Jafaris’s harmonious and infectious vocals, as he weaves in and out of the anthem-esque beat, detailing his frustration surrounding his ex-partner.

Speaking on the concept behind ‘Haunted’, the rising star speaks about a trip to LA he made in the aftermath of the break-up. “This was my second time going there, but my first time being there as a single guy and if anyone has ever been there, they’ll know that it’s quite hard for your eyes to not wander.

“In this case though, I for some reason found myself constantly thinking about my ex. It was getting to the stage of frustration because I thought I had gotten over her by then but my mind wouldn’t let her go. It felt haunting as if she was watching me or something.”

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