Our Play Irish Artist of the Week with IASCA is Aimée and her new single ‘Break Me’.

Aimée hit the ground running with her solo, debut release last March. ‘Don’t Bother’ reached No.1 on iTunes day of release, was added to Spotify’s New Music Friday both here and in the UK, while also receiving Playlist adds in the US, UK, Australia, New Zealand, France, Italy, Japan and Poland. The debut release was also playlisted across over 45 UK radio stations and broke top 40 Irish airplay.

Of Break Me, Aimée says:
“Break Me is a song I wrote about my experience dealing with anxiety. Anxiety is something I have been dealing with since I was 7 years old. For a very long time it controlled my life. For me I took back the control when I stopped trying to fight it, and stopped trying to change who I am.”

“Although I still deal with this every single day, and I probably will for the rest of my life, I regained my strength by accepting this is who I am and knowing I am strong enough to get through it. I know nothing is going to break me.”

“I choose to be open about my own experiences in the hope that somebody listening, who may be feeling the same, might take the step of talking about it, too.”

“We’re all a little damaged but it’s alright…
We all got some baggage, there’s no point trying to hide it”

Inspired musically by nineties icons such as Christina Aguilera, and Britney Spears, Aimée grew up in Dublin listening- diligently- to every vocal run, every empowering lyric and pure pop melody that Aguilera, Spears and their peers were releasing. More recently Aimée has become inspired by fellow female artists such as Billie Eililsh, Demi Lovato and fellow Dublin songstress Ruth-Anne.

Aimée will play the Beat On the Street in Gorey on Friday August 2nd.

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