Our Play Irish Artist of the Week on Beat Breakfast is Aimée and her latest single ‘Naked’.

‘Naked’ is the final single to be taken from Aimée’s debut EP ‘Confession’, which featured pop bangers such as ‘What My Mamma Gave Me’, beautiful ballads like ‘I’m OK’ as well as the top 30 Irish radio hit, ‘Don’t Call Me Pretty’, a pop anthem that received global radio support with numerous stations including The Dominican Republic, Italy, Kuwait, Luxembourg, Nambia, Spain, Switzerland, and 125 stations across the UK.

Aimée’s latest release ‘Naked’, candid and confessional in its dialogue, is an effortless display of dynamic and control where we see a true vocalist weave from low, aspirate tones to soaring, clear cut high notes. ‘Naked’ recognises the terrifying experience of having to be vulnerable in our relationships. That no matter how much we want to conceal our insecurities, to be truly loved is something that happens when we let our insecurities show.

Aimée explains the inspiration behind ‘Naked’: “I wrote this song about finding the confidence to be vulnerable in a relationship and to break down your barriers. It’s about finding someone who can see right through you, despite the walls you build. That person can see your flaws that you try to hide, but somehow loves you anyway. Which can be scary AF!”

Amid the confusion and upheaval of the lockdown, Aimée felt the song also took on a dual meaning, one of self-acceptance, embracing and loving ourselves regardless of what we might perceive to be our own downfalls. A sentiment that is ever-present in the Dublin star’s work.

“This is a time when people may be feeling less confident, more insecure and struggling to stay motivated with everything that’s going on. This song speaks to every single person that feels this way and lets them know they are not alone and that they should feel beautiful just as they are”.

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