Danny O’Reilly joined Niall, Trish and Shonagh on Beat Breakfast on Friday morning to chat about the new Coronas album, True Love Waits, and their ice cream tour around Ireland this bank holiday weekend.

The band have teamed up with their friends at Murphy’s Ice Cream to tour Ireland in a Super Sprinkles ice-cream van, signing copies of their album and giving free pots of Murphy’s most popular flavour, Dingle Sea Salt, to their fans; a perfect combination for a refreshing summer treat.

The Coronas’ Ice Cream Tour will visit Limerick, Galway and Dublin before hitting the South East on Monday. The lads will first drive through Kilkenny around 12noon, visit City Square Shopping Centre in Waterford with Golden Discs and then take a trip out to Dunmore East.

Beat · Danny O Reilly (The Coronas) On Beat Breakfast

Lead singer Danny says, ‘When we realised that we weren’t going to be able to promote the album like before, we started thinking about different ideas to mark the launch. With no gigs, in-store signings or radio performances permitted, our manager had the idea that we get in an ice cream van and travel the country giving out free ice cream and selling the album! With everything that’s going on at the moment we thought it might add a tiny bit of positivity into the world and we can’t wait to get out and see some of our fans and friends around the country that we haven’t seen since before lockdown. There’s a long way to go before we beat this unfortunately named virus, but, remember, True Love Waits.’

True Love Waits marks the start of what is now more than a new chapter in the career of one of Ireland’s biggest, best-loved bands, it’s more like a whole new book. A quartet for thirteen years, last summer The Coronas became a trio when guitarist Dave McPhillips unexpectedly left. Dave’s departure forced the remaining band members to reconsider their way of writing, and so they collaborated with other writers leading to changes in song structures and instrumentation. All this helped to push The Coronas out of their comfort zone and resulted in an album that the band are immensely proud of and excited to share with their fans.

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