Lewis Capaldi had in followers in knots yesterday after he narrated the story of his blocking his hotel toilet, on the Los Angeles strip.

The 22-year-old was left in a bit of a predicament when his toilet refused to flush and he discovered that there was no plunger help.

The situation took place minutes before a makeup artist was due to come to the room ahead of a shoot.

She’ll go in and she’ll see a big pile of f***ing dirty toilet paper and she’ll run out the door f***ing screaming

So, to save himself from embarrassment, he decided to take matters into his own hands and take his Instagram followers along on the journey.

Hold on to your sides, it’s a good one.

I’ve done one. Sue me, I’ve used the toilet. And it won’t flush, it’s stuck there, and right, “where’s the f***ing toilet brush” – there’s no f***ing toilet brush!

he began before beginning a rant about the lack of toilet supplies in the fancy hotel.

The b*****ds can charge five dollars for a bottle of f***ing water in the room and can’t give me a f***ing toilet brush

The singer decided to leave the hotel and purchase his own toilet brush for the room.

As he walked the famous strip he filmed the Hollywood Walk of Fame stars asking: “Do you think any of these guys have ever clogged up the toilet with their own s***e?”

He then hilariously films himself walking down the Boulevard, plunger in hand, waving at his record label.

The adventure ends with him plunging the toilet while saying “I’ve had a number one song for five weeks in the UK, come to America and it all changes”.

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