The singer is making the most of her time in Australia, where she is on her Always in Between tour.

The Australian soap confirmed the I’ll Be There singer will make a cameo appearance on the show, scenes of which she is currently filming in Melbourne.

Appearing on The Project, Glynne said: “Everyone said ‘don’t say anything, it’s a big old secret’ and then before I came on [The Project], I go on my Instagram, tagged in all these pictures and ‘Jess Glynne’s going to be on Neighbours.'”

Behind the scenes footage was shared on social media by Alan Fletcher who plays doctor Karl Kennedy, Bonnie Anderson who plays Beatrix Nilsson, and Stefan Dennis who plays businessman Paul Robinson.

The pictures shared show Glynne appearing to perform for the characters in Erinsborough’s Waterhole Bar.

The Neighbours fan joked about how much the show is loved in the UK and Ireland, with tv stations showing it twice a day.

“When I was a little kid, I’d get home and I’d be really tired after nursery or whatever, and it would be on the tv, and a few hours later I’d be having my dinner, and it would be on again.”

Jess Glynne will play at the Custom House Square in Belfast on August 21, 2019.

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