Limerick rapper ‘Mxse’, aka Mason Roche, has been garnering headlines recently for his now iconic creation of the ‘Garda tracksuit’.

Just when we thought it couldn’t get any better, Mxse has revealed two brand new designs: a navy tracksuit and a ‘Bean Garda’ version.

Mxse revealed that the publicity he received wasn’t just a fluke, however. He had been carefully planning it as a campaign to coincide with the release of his music.

“I was expecting all the publicity as I had been planning it for quite a while. We did the first shoot back in September and didn’t release the photos until February, and again some more in April.

“The reason being, I was waiting until my music was ready and the two could promote each other. This was also one of about 5 different ideas I have and it just so happened to be the first and is doing quite well.”

Mxse got the idea from the Take Back the City housing protest in Dublin, where Gardaí where photographed wearing balaclavas.

“I then started thinking of hybrids and coined the tracksuit from the idea of two things that are opposites: the law, and the boys they’re trying to bust on the streets.”

However, he has no plans on releasing the kits in stores anytime soon.

“As far as retail goes, at the moment there is a very limited supply which will only be available at my upcoming gigs, therefore it will draw people in and hopefully they can experience the music which my team and I have worked hard to craft.”

Mxse’s next upcoming gig will be at Doolin’s Folk fest towards the end of June, and will be announced further performances on his social media pages soon.

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