Emma Bunton has revealed that the Spice Girls decided to change the lyrics of one of their 1996 hits to be more inclusive of the LGBT community.

Speaking to Gay Times, Baby Spice explained how the lyrics to ‘2 become 1’ were originally different from the ones fans know and love now.

Emma Bunton reveals the Spice Girls changed lyrics to hit to be LGBTQ+ inclusive

“Any deal that we endeavour/boys and girls feel good together,” was recorded on the album version of the song.

It wasn’t until the last minute they decided to adjust that line.

“We changed the lyrics in a hotel,” she said.

“We were travelling and we were like, ‘Absolutely, it needs to be changed’. We felt like it needed to be more inclusive.”

A new single version, which they will perform at their upcoming Croke Park gig, is:

Once again if we endeavour/love will bring us back together

She went on to thank the band’s LGBTQ+ fans saying: “I feel so thankful to them – when I write or when I perform, it feels on such a more open, different level. It’s so much more inclusive and special.

“Whenever you do G-A-Y there’s just this energy from the crowd that is like no other. You can ask any artist that plays there, it’s just so special.”

The 90s band will kick off their UK and Irish tour will a sold out Croke Park gig on the May 24.

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