Ahead of their debut EP, The Odyssey Project dropping TODAY, Chasing Abbey join Emma on Beat to catch up.

They have a handful of singles under their belt to date, but excitement is at a high ahead of their debut EP, ‘The Odyssey Project’, drops exclusively and only on Billboard at 5pm Irish time. The EP will be hosted there exclusively for two weeks.

Outro, Bee and Teddy C hail from Tullamore in Co. Offaly, and brought a fresh sound to Ireland with their grime and hip-hop infused single ‘That Good Thing’ in 2017.

Speaking to Emma at Beat, Teddy C explained that four of the five songs on the debut EP have never been heard or performed.

Teddy C describes the body of work as a wholesome project, written over a three week period in late 2018.

“We named it The Odyssey Project, so it’s like a journey and I think the sounds of the EP are a journey as well as there’s a little bit of everything.

We’re three individual artists who have three individual influences and have strong personalities.. we’re going to push our influence on to every single thing.”

Watch the full interview here:

They’re about to head out on ‘The Culchie Kid’ tour, with dates coming up at the INEC in Killarney on April 11th, Cyprus Avenue in Cork on the 13th, and Dublin’s Olympia on the 14th.

Trust us, you don’t want to miss seeing these guys in action.

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