Beat at Work’s Dave Cronin takes a gander at some of the pop numbers that snuck into the Christmas songs category, despite not being about Christmas at all.

Just like Lady Gaga’s ‘Monster’ or Missy Elliot’s ‘Get Ur Freak On’ aren’t particularly about Halloween, there’s Santa sacks full of their Christmas counterparts, too. Here’s a look at seven of those songs that may appear on a Christmas compilation, but are they actually about the most wonderful time of the year?

  1. Frankie Goes to Hollywood – ‘The Power of Love’

The 1984 ballad has got to have a place on this list. Every year we hear it on the radio or in a playlist but despite it having some Christmas connotations, none of the lyrics refer to the festive season.  Although that nativity scene does confuse matters.

  1. Jona Lewie – ‘Stop the Cavalry’

Yes, believe it or not, Jona Lewie’s 1978 pop release is not a Christmas song. In fact, the record was originally intended as a protest tune. It’s an accidental Christmas tune by virtue of the brass band arrangement and some lyrics that mention that word – ‘Christmas’


  1. East 17 – ‘Stay Another Day’

It would be rude not to include this on the list. East 17’s ‘Stay Another Day’ was originally written by Tony Mortimer about his brother’s suicide but then when sleigh bells were added into the final mix, the rest they say his history.


  1. Aled Jones – ‘Walking in the Air’

Now, I know what you’re thinking. How on earth could this NOT be a Christmas tune. Well, the cold hard truth is that even though it features in the classic movie ‘The Snowman’, it’s not actually about Christmas at all.


  1. Bastille – ‘Can’t Fight This Feeling’


Bastille’s re-recorded version of ‘Can’t Fight This Feeling’ may be the driving force behind the tears to one of the most famous Christmas ad campaigns in the world (thank you, John Lewis) but it’s not really a Christmas tune itself. Still a whopper tune, though.


  1. ‘Baby It’s Cold Outside’

Debate about whether this should be banned or not aside, you could also question whether this song is about Christmas, too. The whole song is one party convincing another not to go outside in the cold and stay with them instead. It’s not necessarily Christmassy, as it could easily be describing a cold early November evening.



  1. Little Mix – ‘Love Me Like You’

Long before they decided to add sleigh bells to it, you’re not alone in thinking ‘Love Me Like You’ already sounded festive. It’s our 7th Christmassy tune that’s not about Christmas.



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