This Saturday morning, thousands of people across the South East are expected to take part in Darkness into Light for Pieta House with Electric Ireland.

One of those people is Sean Kinsella from Wexford.

He’s walking for his son Jack, who died by suicide less than six months ago. Sean kindly shared his story with Shonagh.

Speaking to Beat, Sean said that was a leader and caring person before his untimely death.

“Jack wanted to live so much, you couldn’t hold him back. I feel that he went from being a boy and not having much going on in his head to having so much going on. His mind was just not understanding it.”

Sean said that he hopes some good can come out of raising awareness of anxiety and suicide among young people by walking Darkness Into Light this Saturday morning.

“Pieta House counselling is free and it’s all because these people partake in this walk every year. By doing this simple walk you can have a massive effect on a person”, he concluded.

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