The title for Beat’s latest documentary is inspired by hit Netflix show with the same name.  It’s been described as the truth-telling comedy lifting the proverbial lid on what’s its really like to return to work after having a baby.

 When you have a child there is an inevitable shift in identity. For some that’s positive and welcomed and for others, it’s a change which doesn’t necessarily come naturally.

But regardless of which of these you fall into, whether you chose to stay at home or go out to earn a living you are still a ‘working mom’.

If 2020 has shown us anything it is that this meme holds serious weight – ‘And, just like that, no one ever asked a stay-at-home mom what she does all day ever again’!

Whether you are juggling a career with kids or literally just juggling kids, the struggle is real.

For many there is guilt and even though you know deep down that whatever path you have chosen is right for you there are still days when you question if you’re missing out on something? That’s normal. Even though ‘mom guilt’ hasn’t been scientifically proven that doesn’t mean it’s not real!

‘Working Moms’ shares the stories of three women from the south-east who live with this every day.

They share their experiences of working as a parent, did it change how they felt about their careers and what it’s really like? Equally for those who are at home – do they feel pressure?

Stephanie Quigley is a mum to three boys under three! She opened her doors to a new business ‘The Mum Gym‘ in Wexford last year and is doing her best to manage it all.

Aimee Roche lives in Waterford and is a single mum to two daughters. Aimee originally trained as a beautician but decided to go back and study Art five years ago.

Katie McCormack is from Wexford and is a mum to three girls. Katie spent years as a stay at home mum before going back to train as an SNA in 2019.

These three superwomen share their experiences in Working Moms airs on September 6th on The Sunday Grill.

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