One Waterford councillor is working hard for all his constituents, men, women and hedgehog kind!

Sinn Fein TD John Hearne has rescued a one eyed hedgehog he found in his back garden and begun to care for the prickly playmate.

I Call him “Súil Amhain” says Cllr Hearne, as its the Irish for one eye. He will come and sit on my sofa with me in the evenings. I feed him regular cat food, and he absolutely loves it”

Súil Amhain would not be able to survive were it not for John’s hospitality. “The vet said he had to be put down as he couldnt fend for himself with just one eye” the Councillor said , “So I offered to foster him”

We look forward to hearing more from Sinn Fein’s Dr Dolittle and his hungry friend!

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