So things have been tough recently, but one of the nice things about the current lockdown is how nature is thriving in a world with less human interaction.

We’ve seen air pollution at an all-time low in Delhi, Elephants in China, and the water in Venice looking spectacular as all types of pollution have been reduced due to coronavirus restrictions around the world.

Well Beat’s own news reporter Kevin Galvin was fortunate enough to stumble upon a glimpse of Waterford’s own lesser-seen visitors, as he was going for a walk down the banks of the River Suir this morning.

A little dolphin was seen bobbing his dorsal fin up and down the channel of the river, very close to the river crossing near Waterford Castle, with heavy winds last night and this morning right across the country.

Kevin whipped out his phone to take a quick video of the dolphin, who seemed to be swimming alone in the river, and got this footage:

What a cute little fella!

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