We’re awful suckers for a feel good story and this one brought a tear to our eyes!

Kolyn, who is our solutions coordinator, was in London on Wednesday at a radio conference and had some time to spare before returning to the airport. He’s a massive Lego fan and so took the opportunity to check out their recently opened store in Leicester Square.

He’s also busy preparing for his wedding to fiancé Denis this coming October and came across the Lego Wedding Favour set which he thought would be a nice addition to the big day. He enquired at the till about a same-sex set and was greeted with a lovely response when he found out there was none. He was so taken aback that he took to Facebook to share the wonderful act of kindness from a member of the Lego Store team.

I was in the Lego store in Leicester Square today and spotted the Wedding Favour set. I had seen it online and thought…

Posted by Kolyn Byrne on Wednesday, May 16, 2018

The team here at Beat saw the post and it really melted our hearts so we got Shonagh (our Feel Good Friday Fairy) to call the Lego Store in Leicester Square to try track down this fantastic shop assistant and here’s how she got on:

Kolyn said he was completely taken aback by Dann’s lovely reaction in the store and that he, and his colleague manager Evan, had gone above and beyond the call to do something nice. We felt it only right to give him a huge thank you, not just from Kolyn who has been smiling from ear to ear since it happened, but also from the rest of us for showing that a small act of kindness can have such a wonderful positive effect!

Dann Perry

Lego Store Leicester Square

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