This year’s State Exams get underway tomorrow morning and the pressure is on.

Here are some thoughts Exam Students are having at the moment

1.Why, oh why didn’t I listen in class?

My life would be so much easier right now.

2. The cramming is in full swing

3. Shoutout to all the boyfriends and girlfriends who are putting up with the enhanced stress



4. You are making the most extravagant plans for the summer to celebrate your new-found freedom


5. But really, you just can’t wait to do NOTHING and sleep

6. Predictions have become your best friend

— Katie Kindregan (@katiekinderg) May 30, 2016

7. You can relate to this way too much…

8. …and, you’re not shy about your delight that the traditional ‘Leaving Cert weather’ has not arrived

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