The last thing you’d expect on an average Saturday night trip to the cinema is to see your partner appearing on the big screen, and then for him to produce a ring right next to you…

But that’s what happened to Emma when her boyfriend of eight years, Shalla, proposed to her in something straight out of a rom-com.

The couple visited Arc Cinema in Wexford on Saturday evening to watch the third film in the 50 Shades series 50 Shades Freed and little did Emma expect to see her own partner appear on the silver screen.

In a montage of clips filmed in Carrickbyrne Hill in Enniscorthy, Shalla paid tribute to the love of his life revealing the details of their eight-and-a-half-year relationship noting Carrickbyrne Hill as the place where they used to meet up and sharing pictures of the home they built together and their son, Tadhg, all to the soundtrack of One Direction’s Little Things.

After popping the big question on the big screen, Shalla produced a ring and the utterly stunned Emma stumbled to her feet – of course, she said yes!

The folks at the Arc Cinema were on hand to produce two glasses of champagne for the freshly engaged couple – nice touch lads!

Just in time for Valentine’s Day too – best Valentine’s ever? Big congrats to Shalla and Emma and every best wish for the future from everyone at Beat!

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