There are a lot of subjects people on the internet get particularly passionate about, the main one being, food.

So, you can imagine people’s reaction when Twitter user @AristaFbabi posted this photo a ‘vegan lasagne’ a colleague of hers brought to work.

The stacked dish is made up of lettuce sheets, sliced tomatoes, vegan mayonnaise and what looks like some sort of red sauce glaze – we think.

It’s basically a salad masquerading as a lasagne and the internet agreed.

“This is no lasagna, this is SALAD!,” one user commented with a laughing emoji.

“That wouldn’t even make a good salad. SMACK IT DOWN,” replied another.

It’s called a salad, Karen. You brought a salad.

As vegan lasagne is traditionally made with zucchini, mushrooms, spinach, people have defined the image as ‘what a non-vegan person thinks what vegan food looks like’.

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