Orla chatted to two women defying stereotypes on the Sunday Grill this week.

Ann Maria Langford is a firefighter, (the first female firefighter in Waterford), while Suzanna Crampton is a farmer from Co. Kilkenny.

They chatted balance, perceptions and much much more on the run up to International Women’s Day this Friday.


It’s Pancake Tuesday this week.

Jenny Flynn from Faithlegg House Hotel was in with Orla…. you can listen here from 34 minutes in.

Jenny’s top tip for the perfect pancake is… make the batter the night before and let it settle in the fridge overnight. Don’t put sugar into the batter- it will burn more in the pan.

Some toppings and flavour suggestions included:

  • Grate some of the skin/ zest of a lemon and orange into the batter before frying.
  • You could make some savoury pancakes by putting some dried dillisk- yes, that’s seaweed– or some spinach into the batter mix.



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