For a high percentage of the Irish population German supermarket, Lidl is known for its low prices, discounted homeware and of course their bread cutting machine.

The rest of us are glued to their social media platforms for high-quality comedy gold and today they delivered, yet again.

Jumping on the back of Kylie Jenner’s new skincare range, which launched this week, the popular chain joked that they were collaborating with the brand to promote a new range of BBQ sausages.

Retweeting the image of Kylie’s Skin’s walnut face scrub, LIDL said: “Great to collaborate with such a big name on our new range of BBQ sausages, in stores May 22nd.”

Once you see how Twitter cropped the photo of the Kardashian/Jenner product, you’ll understand.

“This is how to do social media….. You win,” one commenter wrote praising the account.

Another added: “I didn’t think I could be prouder to shop in your stores”

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