With the introduction of modern-day gadgets and gizmos, gone be with the Christmas mornings of oranges at the bottom of stockings and packets of marbles to share with the family.

“You were lucky if you got balloons to blow-up and things like that,” Gerry, 85 told production company Taller Stories in their newest short video, Christmas in my Day.

Irish grandparents share heartwarming stories about ‘Christmas in their day’

The 4-minute short interview Ireland’s older generation about the difference between Christmas nowadays and Christmases of their childhood.

“We had no Christmas Tree,” Dolores said and told us that instead they would decorate the trees in Phoenix Park with scraps of cotton from the dressmakers.

They chat about appreciating the little things they got from Santa, such as easels, blackboards, books and school supplies.

“Every little thing we got was precious.”

The video ends with the group answering the go-to question this time of year, “What would you like for Christmas?”

And it’s safe to say, they weren’t asking for drones or fortnite packs.

“I’d like my husband back for two days,” answered Rose.

Grab the tissues folks, it’s one to remember.

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