19-year-old Lucy Fitz told her 65K followers that she would capture her first reaction, whether she was disappointed or not.

Opening the envelope in her kitchen, surrounded by her family, she was moved to tears revealing that she had failed chemistry.

She later popped back on in an emotional state to talk about how she felt.

“I am just a bit disappointed that I spent so much time and effort trying to study for the last few weeks. I did Maths grinds for two years, every week,” she said.

I ended up getting 294, it’s certainly not the best, but it could be worse, I could have failed Maths

Still, in tears, she went on to say that “everything works out for a reason” and she’s not upset about “not getting her course” as she loves what she’s doing now and hopes to continue to grow her beauty career, despite being disappointed with her results.

Messages of support from her followers and fellow influencers have since flooded her IGTV comments.

“This breaks my heart. Look what our education system is doing to our bright young talent. You are set for amazing things,” Fitness guru, Siobhan O’Hagan said.

While Lisa Jordan commented: “You don’t need a few numbers on a bit of paper to direct your story, only you can decide, it’s your life”

If you too are disappointed with your results, the National Parents Council Post Primary’s freephone (1800 265 165) and online service ([email protected]) are providing Leaving Cert students and their parents/guardians with professional and confidential one-to-one support, advice and guidance

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