At Beat, our solutions co-ordinator Kolyn Byrne is usually the one to surprise people through organising our annual “Feel Good Friday” (Check out some of the previous surprises here, here, and here).

Well, now it’s Kolyn’s turn to be surprised. Beat and Lego joined forces to surprise Lego fanatic Kolyn Byrne with an extra special wedding gift.

Kolyn is due to marry his fiancé Denis Ryan later this week, on Friday October 19th 2018.

In May of this year, Kolyn visited the signature London Lego store in Leicester Square to purchase a Lego Wedding set but at the time, the set was only available with a bride and a groom.

Store staff member Dann went above and beyond the call of duty saying “you shouldn’t have to pay extra for equality” and kindly gave Kolyn a second complimentary set so that he had two male Lego figures to make up his wedding set for his wedding day.

When Kolyn returned to work and relayed this random act of kindness, the radio station contacted the Lego store in London, brought Dann live on air and Kolyn got to publicly thank Dann on live radio for his generosity.

You can listen to the chat we had with Dann below or check out the full story here:

Following on from this act of kindness, the Beat team decided to cheekily ask the management team at Lego if the company would be interested in doing something nice for Kolyn’s big day.

Beat Boss Gabrielle Cummins said “I have never met anyone so enthused by Lego as Kolyn. He has created some amazing pieces that are on display all over his home and he has quite the collection on his office desk too! He is also known for gifting Lego figures to work colleagues. I was absolutely thrilled when the team at Lego agreed to work with us on this special surprise for Kolyn.”

With less than five days to go to the wedding, the Beat Breakfast team invited Kolyn live on air for what he thought was a chat about the Solas Cancer Support Centre’s Run for Life, a charity event that had taken place the day before. In fact, Niall and Trish had other plans.

They revealed to Kolyn that the Lego team had taken the time to create something very special for Kolyn. Listeners to the Beat Breakfast show heard that the Beat team had secretly sent Lego a pic of Kolyn and Denis which Lego designers copied and converted into a personalised Lego Mosaic.

LEGO Brand Retail Assistant store manager at Leicester Square said “The Mosaic was a gift from us here at Leicester square, as we felt invested in the big day and wanted to do something for Kolyn as he had such a great experience in our store. We would like to reiterate our congratulations to both Kolyn and Denis on their wedding!”

Both teams at Beat 102-103 and Lego would like to extend best wishes to Kolyn Byrne and Denis Ryan on their big day and wish them much happiness for the future. You can check out the full video of Kolyn’s surprise below:

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