Just when we thought Barry’s Tea gin was the most quintessential Cork collaboration we could think of, Blackwater Distillery creates something that truly celebrates the rebel county.

Tanora Gin

That’s right, boi – a gin infused with the tangerine-flavoured soft drink that has been fuilng Corkonians since they were smallies.

“We decided to take a trip down nostalgia lane and create a delicious tangerine gin, working closely with the fine people of Tanora, a cork brand that is part of the furniture on the rebel county,” the gin makers said launching the new product.

Nothing says summer in Cork more than Tanora, so what better way for grown-ups to get nostalgic than with a great tasting tangerine gin

The “ tangerine citrus bomb” will be appearing exclusively in @supervalu_irl from today and into select bars from the weekend.

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