Dads can be great. They lend an ear when you need them and you can always rely on them for a terrible joke. Why not give your auld fella the treat he deserves for Father’s Day with one of these great gift ideas.

1. Go for breakfast with him!

Is your dad a carvery king or a fry-up fiend? It doesn’t matter because today is about him so make sure he’s well-fed.

2. Go-karting or golf

Is he competitive? Test his golf swing and bring him for a round of golf. Or if he is a thrill-seeker get into top gear go-karting.

3. Spend some time and make him a card

You’re never too old to let your creativity flow. Make your dad the ultimate personalised gift.

4. A gadget

Dads love gadgets like the Irish love Katie Taylor. A drone or the latest console/game would make for an amazing present.


5. Make him feel like a Rockstar

If you want to make a fuss of your Dad this Father’s day, why not hire out a flash car or bring him for a test drive in his dream sports car?


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