1916 vs. 2016

Have you ever wondered what life was like 100 years ago? What did people do in their spare time without ‘netflix & chill’? How did people find out about the latest fashion trends without #Instagram? Where did people get their hangover cure without the local Chinese?

Some unanswered questions troubling the nation today. Fear not, this guide is set to inform.



We are a generation that are OBSESSED with food. The last decade has seen the rise of ‘foodies’ in Ireland and it is highly offensive not to photograph your dinner before eating.

Nowadays, there is a restaurant to attend to every single need. Whether you’re looking for an indulgent, calorie-induced doughnut or a healthy #paleo option, you’re covered! There’s even a cafe opening serving JUST cereal?!

Rewind back 100 years and well, let’s just say things were different. Fad dieting was a foreign term and, to be fair, there was no need as you’d be kept fairly slim on this basic diet.

But, it wasn’t all that bad. A pint of beer back in the day was just 2p! Head into town on a Saturday night and you’d be lucky to get a pint under 6!



No sign of manbun’s, nike runners or contoured faces. Court heel, long dresses and tidy hair do’s for the women while men usually wore suits. Now, not a ‘Conor McGregor’ style suit but paddy caps are still going strong 100 years on!

Fun fact Did you know that the rebels were responsible for the first ever radio broadcast? On Easter Monday, the rebels managed to get a damaged transmitter working and they began to send out messages in morse code…we’ve them to thank!



Whether we like to admit it or not, our generation is dependent on technology. From the moment we wake up, we are GLUED to our phones. So, what did people do 100 years back?

G.A.A sports, poetry and traditional music kept people entertained while communication was based on letter writing. A simpler way of life!

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