Blog Three: 22nd June

This week I spoke to Debbie on The Takeover again. We spoke about my friend’s birthday, the CAO Change of Mind and the week ahead.


Blog Two: 1st – 7th June 2020

This week wasn’t really exciting at all. But I tried to make the most of the week without being lazy and staying in bed watching Netflix and scrolling through Tik Toks till god knows what time in the morning.

For the past couple of days I have been watching Netflix, I’m starting to watch a TV series called New Girl. I’m finding it really funny and enjoyable to watch and it’s helping me pass time. Yet again I’m still finding myself doing Tik tok dances with my two sisters because we are all highly addicted to Tik Tok at this point in our lives.

I’ve been still trying to do workout everyday so I can keep my fitness up for my athletic training since I can’t train at the moment so I’ve been trying to get runs or walks as a warm up before my workouts. I’ve also been exercising with my sister Róisín because we both like the company.

I’m hoping next will be more exciting as it’s my sister 14th birthday and she had a lot of stuff planned to do throughout the day. We probably will just end up stuffing our faces in whipping cream and croissants


Blog One: 25th May – 1st June 2020

This is my first blog post for Life After the LC. This week has been one of the hottest weeks we have had in Ireland during this lockdown. I guess what most of you all have been doing like myself is getting out in the sun and getting a good use of the lovely weather before it turns bad.

At this moment I would’ve been sitting down studying hard for the Leaving Cert but now since the government has opted for predictive grades I have a lot more free time now more than ever.

This week the Student Portal opened for students to opt in for the option of Predictive Grades.I kept all my subjects higher level and maths ordinary.It was weird to think I was ‘Officially’ finished school and I’ll be in college soon.

During the week I have been out in the sun trying to get a tan but instead I burnt myself. I have spent quality time with my family a lot more. I also have been getting gymnastics lessons by my younger sister Róisín who is a competitive gymnast and expects me to be one by the end of this I have found myself more on my phone than ever. I do not  dare to look at my screen time as I know my time will be very high “It’s not my fault that TiK Tok is really addicting”. I have loads of Tik tok dances learnt now, I really do feel like I’m a great dancer for just learning one dance. I’ll be waiting for a call off of Dancing with the Stars.

I also met up with two of my best friends who live a few minutes away from me and had really good catch up with them(socially distancing of course). It was weird seeing them without being able to hug them. I had a great time with them and I can’t wait to meet them again.

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