The CAO Change of Mind portal has opened for this year’s Leaving Cert students.

At this stage, for people who are already happy with their choices made back in February there isn’t much else to do school-wise until the predictive grades are released.

However, some students may have decided to go down a different path compared to their previous thought earlier in the year, which is why the Change of Mind facility is available.

Open to change until 17:15 on 1st July, students can access the free of charge Change of Mind portal here to alter their choices.

Submitting new courses via the Change Of Mind portal will cancel all previous submissions listed in the category so it is important to list all of the course choices again for that category.

However, making a change to the Level 8 list won’t not affect the courses in the Level 7/6 list and vice versa.

Speaking to Debbie Ridgard on The Takeover, Spunout’s Jack Deacon says it’s wise to fill out the form completely rahter than just your top choices.

“In terms of ranking your courses, or filling out your CAO courses one to ten, make sure to fill them all out first or as many as possible.

“List them by order of what you want to do, not in the order of how many points, or based on how many points you think you’re going to get.

“The points will fluctuate year on year depending on who applies to them so it’s really difficult to base it on what points you think you’re going to get and on last year’s points for the course”.




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