Have you ever thought about earning money online? What about travelling the world and keeping your bank balance up? Well, teaching English as a foreign language might just be the avenue to go down for you.

Last night on The Takeover with Debbie Ridgard we heard from Kate Popova from TEFL Institute of Ireland who spoke about the opportunities available from partaking in a TEFL course.

She broke down some of the frequently asked questions from people interested in undertaking a course.

What is a TEFL certificate?

The “Teaching English as a Foreign Language” (TEFL) certificate, is the most commonly accepted certificate worldwide. This certificate allows you to teach English to non-native speakers across the globe (disclaimer: we don’t sell frying pans- that’s TEFAL)

What can you get from doing the course?

Completing a TEFL course during your gap year or your summer holidays is a great option for many reasons:
• Gives you the opportunity to travel abroad and earn money at the same time
• Gives you the opportunity to teach online and earn money from the comfort of your own home
• Gaining your TEFL qualification and using it to teach either in a classroom or online provides you with many skills that can be transferred into other aspects of your life e.g Leadership, Organizational, Communication.

Planning to travel with TEFL?

We like to say here in the office that a TEFL certificate is your golden ticket around the world. Why not get a job in a language school abroad and teach in France/Spain/Italy or somewhere a little more far-fetched as Fiji or Bali.

Don’t forget that teaching online is an option too and gives you the freedom to teach in any corner of the globe as long as you have a laptop and a good wifi connection – you can teach from a beach hut in Fiji, a treehouse in Bali or the comfort of your own home (if you are not ready to go travelling just yet!)

Life after the Leaving Cert?

So your time in secondary school had come to an end, albeit not in the way anyone expected. With there still being so much uncertainty surrounding College start dates and when the leaving cert may actually take place for those who choose to sit it, many students are now considering taking a gap year.

Gap years present students with several opportunities. They could choose to do a course and learn something new that they’ve always wanted to, they could choose to gain some work experience and save up money for their future plans. Some people may even take the year as an opportunity to travel and see the world (once it’s safe to do so again).

To get more information on all things TEFL and travel, we will be hosting a webinar at 4pm on Friday 26th June 2020 that will look at the options for leaving cert students as well as a chance to have all your questions answered.

You can register on the homepage of our website.

We also have a link to register on our Instagram bio.

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