College is expensive and if you want to go, but need some help financially – then you may be eligible for a student grant. This is where SUSI comes in – SUSI stands for Student Universal Support Ireland.

How does it work? 

If approved for the SUSI grant, then students will be paid on a monthly basis (aka nine instalments) into their own bank account. With regards to the student contribution – that part of the fee grant will be paid directly to the college on their behalf.

If the student is placed on work placement/ a period abroad and it is part of their course they will still receive the grant – as long as it doesn’t extend the normal duration of the course.

If the student has to repeat a year on the same course, they won’t being eligible for a grant for the said repeat year.


For more, Jack Deacon from spoke to Debbie Ridgard on The Takeover.

You can listen to the full interview below.


To apply for the SUSI grant, check out the application process here.

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