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Food & Beverage Assistant/Waiting Staff – Lounge

Carlow, added Friday, 6th September 2019.

Job Title:                                           Food & Beverage Assistant/Waiting Staff – Lounge

Reporting to:                                   Food & Beverage Manager/C&B/Restaurant/Bar/Duty Managers

Purpose of job:                               Acting as first point of contact you are responsible to provide a warm, friendly and courteous welcome to our customers.

Responsibilities will include but are not limited to:

  • Have thorough knowledge of service standards required for Food & Beverage Service.
  • To report any guests complaints or problems to a member of the Management team or Duty Manager.
  • To co-operate with colleagues and other departments to ensure the best possible service.
  • Take orders and assists guests with any questions regarding menus or beverage.
  • Serve guests food and drink as per established standards.
  • Provide service throughout the meal.
  • Stock up and replenish service points as necessary.
  • Carry out routine cleaning of lounge, ensuring tables and chairs are in good repair and arranged properly.
  • To provide food and beverage service to customers in the Food & Beverage areas.
  • To ensure that the lounge areas are clean, the tables laid properly and all cutlery and glassware is polished.
  • To ensure that you are aware of any specials available on the menu, and the availability of those items, to be aware of any “off the menu” items.
  • To ensure that all guests are served with friendly and efficient service.
  • To ensure to give a personal greeting to guests on their arrival and departure, where possible and encourage them to return to the restaurant/lounge/bar. Try to use the guest’s name where possible.
  • At the end of each shift ensure that you leave the lounge with correctly laid tables, polished cutlery and glassware and fully stocked condiments.
  • It is imperative that employees ensure that they “up sell” (promote) products at every opportunity, i.e. side orders, wine, drinks, desserts, tea/coffee etc.
  • Report for duty clean and tidy, wearing the correct uniform to Company standard ensuring your name badge is worn at all times whilst on duty.
  • Your primary goal at all times must be Customer Care.
  • To ensure a high standard of personal hygiene.
  • Maintain cleaning programme in operation.
  • Note and report maintenance needed to your supervisor or manager.
  • When dealing with cash, you must always carry out the correct cash handling procedures, as set out by the hotel.
  • Ensure that you Clock In/ Clock Out including breaks for each shift.
  • Ensure full knowledge with all hotel facilities, including opening and closing times and promote these facilities at every opportunity.
  • Ensure that eating and drinking is confined to the staff canteen only.
  • To participate in all training programmes scheduled for you.
  • Be fully familiar with all Personnel policies and procedures as set out in the Company Employee Guidebook and to abide by these at all times.
  • To maintain departmental standards at all times.
  • To attend and support hotel and departmental meetings and training programmes as requested.
  • To be fully familiar with the complaints procedure and that complaints are dealt with in a courteous and sympathetic fashion and reported to the Manager if necessary.
  • To work towards achieving high hotel inspection results from AA, RAC, Excellence in Tourism and any other such bodies.
  • To assist with meeting rooms set-up and service and any other duties when requested.   

Health & Safety duties:

  • To fulfil your obligations under the Health & Safety at Work Act 1989 and any revisions or additional legislation made thereto.
  • To ensure that reasonable care is taken for health and safety of yourself, other employees, guests and any other persons on the premises.
  • To keep work areas tidy and safe and report any hazard, loss or damage to management.
  • To be aware of trained first-aid personnel on the premises and the location of first aid box.
  • To observe all safety rules and procedures, including those laid down in the Health & Safety Statement.
  • To carry out and promote fire and accident/other safety drills as directed by the hotel safety officer.
  • To participate in all Health and Safety training scheduled for you and your team.
  • To inform Management immediately in the event that you are personally involved in any accident or incident on the hotel grounds or if you are witness to an accident or incident involving a third party.

Skills/Experience to include but not limited to:

  • A warm personality, attentive and smartly presented.
  • Ability to listen and respond to guests needs.
  • Excellent leadership, interpersonal and communication skills.
  • Committed to delivering high levels of customer service.
  • Ability to work under pressure.
  • Flexibility to respond to a range of varied work situations.

The above is not intended to be an exhaustive list and you may be asked to complete other duties and comply with reasonable requests as directed by management. The company reserves the right to alter the duties, responsibilities and activities of this job description as the needs of the business dictate.

To apply email your CV to [email protected]

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