Fresh from his win over fellow Youtuber Logan Paul, KSI looks to be eager to set up his next match.

In an interview with Good Morning Britain, the UK content creator spoke about the Canadian singers connection to the fight.

“If Justin Bieber actually wants to fight me then we’ll make it happen.”

“This boy doesn’t know how to fight or anything combat, so let him just stick to singing.”

It’s after Bieber contested the win on social media claiming the victory should have gone to Logan Paul.

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Justin has not responded to KSI’s challenge however he is just one of a number of celebs lining up to fight KSI in a boxing match.

The fight was watched by over 2.25 million viewers live, including over 1.05 million watching pay-per-view and 1.2 million watching illegal streams on Twitch.

With the crackdown in illegal streaming, one of the more creative ways to watch the spectacle was quite literally through another man’s eyes.

11 thousand people tuned in to watch the match via glasses, well the refletion of the match through a livestream on Youtube.

KSI and Logan Paul both earned $900,000 for their part in the first six-round cruiserweight match that ended with a split-decision win for the former.

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