A trad session can break out anywhere nowadays – a pub, a classroom and now the Great Wall of China.

Acting The Maggot, an Irish partyfolk band from The Netherlands, decided to turn the Great Wall into an outdoor gig for fellow tourists.

VIDEO: Acting The Maggot

The group was in China as part of 2018 Beijing International Canal Arts Festival.

Originally they went to the Great Wall for a band photo but after bringing their musical instruments they decided to treat fellow visitors to some traditional Irish music.

“Instead of a picture, we started to play a couple of songs. This Chinese family came towards us, the little kid stayed and when we played she started to dance,” lead singer Maarten de Gans revealed.

“How is it even possible that an Irish band from the Netherlands is invited by the Chinese government to play a couple of gigs?”

It’s anyone’s guess as to why the band was chosen but it goes to show that the Irish are well renowned for being the best craic.

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