A Cork woman’s spot-on impression of this year’s Love Island contestants has gone viral on social media.

Hayley Ryan, 21, shared the clips on her Twitter account this week where she takes on the accents and mannerisms of Love Island’s Maura, Anton, Curtis, Lucie, Molly-Mae, Amy and Amber.

From Longford to Liverpool, those accents are flawless.

Hayley has been doing impressions since she was 12.

“I’ve been able to do accents and impressions for as long as I can remember really,” Hayley told us.

“I used to do drama so I’d have always used different accents when I was acting. I was slightly older when I noticed that I could do impressions. I’d say I was about 12 years old when I noticed that I could do them. And I’ve been doing them ever since.”

Hayley said she has always enjoyed entertaining her friends and doing impressions enhanced her jokes.

“People just love them really and my friends get a great kick out of it. I play a lot of sport and I’ve always been the joker on the team bus taking off the coach or the clown at the back of the class in school impersonating all the teachers (usually getting in trouble for it a few minutes later).

“They definitely come in handy on April Fools as well as I’m forever catching my friends out over the phone.”

A few months ago we were entertained by her hilarious face-swapping version of the I’m A Celeb contestants, including King of the Jungle, Harry Redknapp.

Hayley shares her impressions on Twitter, Instagram and YouTube.

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