A poster advertising maths grinds in Portlaoise has gone viral.

Promoting your business can be tricky, especially if your demographic is secondary school students.

So, what do young people like? What do they dislike? What slang words do they use nowadays? Are Yu-Gi-Oh cards even still a thing?


Well, a company that gives maths grinds to secondary school students has gone viral, and it’s NOT because they can teach you the answer to… “If Mary has 64 apples and John has 13 pears, what kind of car does Aaron drive?

Image result for maths meme gif]

It’s because the poster they set up to advertise their business has a random picture of Snoop Dogg on it, and for the life of me, I can’t seem to figure out why!

The poster definitely stands out, but I imagine that conversation went a little something like:


Person 1: What do kids like?

Person 2: Music.

Person 1: Cool, lets put a famous person on the poster for no reason.

Person 2: GOT IT! How about Snoop Dogg! He’s still a thing right?


I don’t know about you, but I’m very excited at the idea of Snoop Dogg Teaching me maths, especially if it’s going to be something like this.

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