Today marks the 25th anniversary of Riverdance, a show that catapulted the interest in Irish Dancing across the world.

Three-hundred million people witnessed the magic of Michael Flatley and Jean Butler as the interval act of the 1994 Eurovision.

Michael Flatley separated from Riverdance shortly after and created Lord of the Dance, a musical and dance production.

Waterford’s Gillian Norris landed one of the lead roles as The Temptress and went on to tour the world for 5 years with the company.

Beat’s Debbie Ridgard sat down with Gillian to talk about her career as an Irish dancer and her decision to leave it all to open a beauty salon in the South East.

Next month, Gillian Norris will feature in Debbie Ridgard’s ‘Is it a sport?’ documentary on Beat 102 103 that will look at activities not recognised as sports in Ireland.

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