Laura Whitmore has asked other mothers not to compare themselves to her

Describing her positive experience of motherhood she took to Instagram on Friday to offer what she described as a ‘little tip’when it comes to speaking to new mothers.

“Everyone has a different experience,” the TV presenter wrote, “so please don’t put your opinion or expectation on them.”

Relating her own experience of being a new mother, Laura wrote “I’ve been told I won’t be able to leave the house and should feel s**t. But I actually feel the best I’ve felt ever and the happiest I’ve ever been in my entire life. She continued saying she feels maybe “a bit guilty for feeling good as I’ve been told I shouldn’t.”

Laura Whitmore

It is now 9 weeks since Laura gave birth to her first child with partner Iain Stirling


The author also used the social media platform to speak for the first time about her experience of giving birth. “I had a positive natural birth with thankfully no complications,” she wrote. She continued sharing that her baby “LOVES the boob” and that she has “a supportive partner who loves changing dirty nappies.”

Laura finished the post by advising new mothers not to compare their experience with hers and to show support for other women. “You should never compare yourself to anyone else as your journey is specific to you,” she wrote. “Stop comparing bodies and situations. My body is not here for your comparison so please don’t judge it. Support other women, it doesn’t knock you – in fact it empowers you.”

Fans and celebrities immediately praised Laura for her post and shared similar sentiments. “I feel exactly the same way! Well said” wrote model and TV personality Abbey Clancy. “This EXACTLY” wrote Irish actress Bronagh Waugh.

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