Justin Bieber has described how a visit to Ireland helped him to confront his personal issues.

In a raw and honest interview with Zach Baron at GQ magazine, the 27 year old pop icon spoke openly about facing his depression and misery, and how a visit to an Irish castle helped him to confront his pain.

The Anyone singer explained that in 2017 he was on a world tour which was due to make him “a huge amount of money- money that people would never turn down. But he was also positive he was miserable, that he had found too many ways to push his family and friends away.”

Baron wrote that towards the end of that 2017 tour, before he cancelled the remaining dates, Bieber found himself in a castle in Ireland. “This old castle,” Bieber told the journalist, “just like the most beautiful estate. With the trimmed hedges that are completely immaculate… over this beautiful body of water. And I was there. And I was alone. And I was sad inside.”

The GQ journalist writes that this experience, the numbness of feeling when confronted with such beauty, began a process of healing within the singer.

“Justin has done more work on himself than most people you’ve ever known,” says Bieber’s engineer and producer Josh Gudwin to GQ. “Most people who are like, ‘I’m working on myself’? They’re not really working on themselves. Because they’ve never gotten to the point where you f*****g have to work on yourself to get through it. Justin’s gotten to the point where he’s had to work on himself to get through it.”

Justin Bieber’s sixth studio album, Justice, is out now.

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