Since its release on Netflix US, Derry Girls has been a hit among American viewers – despite not understanding a word without subtitles.

And as we wait patiently for the show’s second season to drop, our new favourite thing is to scroll through Twitter to read what the other side of the world take on life in 1990s Northern Ireland.

Here’s what an American reviewer had to say about Derry Girls

One video review has even caught the attention of Nicola Coughlan, who plays Clare Devlin in the series.

US YouTuber Tyler Rusher posted a video of herself listing the reasons why she likes and dislikes the show.

Rusher, who works under the account ‘Press & Hurl’, praised the show’s writing and how the depicted a life of a teenager, the historical context and what she loved about each of the characters.

Her only negative comment was one that resounded on our shores too … there were only six episodes.

And only because she was so complimentary of the series, we’re going to let her dodgy accent slide.

Just this once.

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