Former Geordie Shore star Holly Hagan has recently expressed regret for spending money on cosmetic procedures that left her “looking worse.”

The ex-reality TV star has previously admitted to have had numerous procedures including breast implants, botox, nose fillers, jaw fillers and a bum lift.

During an Instagram Q&A Hagan said that her attitude to her body has changed over the years, and that she was desperate for approval when she was younger.

“Throughout the early years of GShore I was always told I wasn’t a “worldie”. It sticks in my head the boys constantly looking out for “worldie” girls. They would describe them and they’d be the opposite to me,” she said.

“I spent so many years just desperate to be classed as one for the approval of boys. It’s so sad that I based my worth off that,” reflects Holly, who said she is in a much better heads space these days.

“Surgery made my body image 1000 x worse. I went in with the expectations that I was going to finally be happy and have the perfect body after.I had so much guilt and shame that I spent so much money and looked worse than before,” she said.

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