Fans of Drizzy rejoice- The rapper has launched his own scented candle range-and apparently, they smell just like him.

Last year the 34 year old Canadian  teamed up with perfumer Michael Carby to create the “Better World Fragrance House” and on Thursday night the rapper took to his Instagram story to preview “The Williamsburg Sleepover” candle due to be released as part of his upcoming line.

All of the candles are a soy-wax blend and include a marker to personalise each jar. Over the last few months, the Toosie Slide singer has also been sending the candles outs gifts to his celebrity pals.

At the end of 2020, five scents were make available  as part of a limited release- Williamsburg Forever, Sweeter Tings, Muskoka, Good Thoughts, and Carby Musk. “Carby Musk” is the scent though to “smell like Drake”, and, of course, all five sold out.

Currently The Better World Fragrance House website leads to a blank page with the option to subscribe to a mailing list or follow on Instagram. The official release date for more candles is yet to be announced.


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