As I’m sure you know, with great power come great responsibility.

However my power is presenting The Takeover on Beat every single night, and sometimes I like to voice my opinions on things… not in a serious way, for example I don’t think spaghetti bolognese is nice….see? THAT’S the kind of thing I give my opinion on…. stupid stuff… another example of stupid stuff would be… Taylor Swift..


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On last nights show, I received a very lengthy text from an anonymous ‘Swifty’ after saying the words “Bring back the old Taylor” after playing an old school tune of hers.

Obviously I had to ring this person for the laugh to see how angry they really were, turns out I’d spoken to him before (Listen Below)

Sooooo thats Ivan, who only ever texts in when I’ve done something wrong… you’d think he’d text in a LOT more..

But ANYWAY! Moving Taylor SWIFTLY on.. (pun intended)

Ivan came back on last night, and he really wasn’t happy…



Have a listen:


In all seriousness it takes a lot for someone to come on air and voice their opinion, so Ivan if you’re reading this…


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