Picture it - your big day has finally arrived after months of planning. What else could you want to make it even better? Cue Ireland’s guilty pleasure - Daniel O'Donnell.   The Donegal singer was checking into the Radisson Blu Hotel in Sligo on Friday and decided to make one mother of the bride's day even more special.   Daniel, being the gentleman that he is, decided to ask the mother of the bride for a waltz and she quickly accepted.   Credit: Suzanne McTiernan   Sure bless!   Suzanne McTiernan, who was at the wedding said Daniel's appearance was the highlight of the big day.     "When he was checking into hotel, he was asked if he would surprise the mother of the bride by going into the wedding reception and giving her a dance.”   Daniel didn’t stop there and decided to join the wedding band, The Weightless Astronauts, on stage with his new dance partner.     Credit: Suzanne McTiernan     The whole crowd was loving it and Daniel didn't take long to have them belting out the song 'This Is My Homeland'.     From gatecrashing weddings to singing fans happy birthday, Daniel really is the gift that keeps on giving.