@KwakaFlocka on twitter posed the question and people have been sharing the songs that they cannot STAND!

Look, we all have to listen to music we don’t like at some stage in our lives, but do we really want to be doing it when we’ve paid a tenner for entry, 3 euro for cloakroom and then stud in a queue for 20 minutes trying to get a drink?

All you want to do, is have a bop, chill out and listen to some good tunes.

So why don’t nightclubs get that?

People have taken to Twitter to share their least favorite club ‘bangers’. Obviously you won’t agree with alllllll of them, but there’s definitely some on this list that you’re guaranteed to HATE!











(Basically everything by LMFAO)



I’ve also decided to add some of my own least favorite songs of all time that used to be on replay in clubs… don’t hate me for my choices in music.


Also this, NOPE! Can’t ever listen to this again….


If you have any more you think we should add to the list, let us know and join David and Paula weekday afternoons from 2:30 on #TheBuzz

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