A Cleaning Lady is taking Chris Brown to court- over one of his dogs.

According to an article on TMZ, Patricia Avila is suing Chris Brown for damages after his Caucasian Shepherd ,Ovcharka, attacked her sister, ripping inches of skin from her arm and causing serious blood loss.

Avila explained she and her sister were hired by Chris to clean his home in Tarzana twice a week for $600 per day. She explained they were aware Chris kept dogs at the property, but they were always separate from the cleaners.

When Avila’s sister went to the backyard one day to empty a vacuum cleaner bag she was surprised to find one of the dogs there, who allegedly jumped on top of her, biting her face and legs.
It was Chris Brown himself who is said to have called an ambulance after the attack and Avila told the entertainment outlet that “she thought her sister would die from the blood loss.”

Avila says her sister has had to undergo surgeries due to the attack, and is now experiencing PTSD and panic attacks because of the violent incident. She is suing Chris Brown for damages, claiming he failed to protect her from the risk attached to the dog’s presence. Avila is the sister of the victim, not the person injured, and it is not known if her sister will be filing her own lawsuit.

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