Chadwick Boseman’s commitment to not giving away any spoilers is the energy we wish people had these days.

During an interview in the lead up to Avengers: Endgame, the Black Panther star was trying his hardest not to give anything away.

You know how these things go, actors get asked questions about their upcoming movies and sometimes said actors accidentally let slip a major spoiler for the movie.

Take Tom Holland for example, his favourite hobby seems to be unintentionally spoiling the plots to his own movies, so much so that apparently he is now banned from ever seeing the full script of a film he’s starring in.

Have a look at the Spiderman star accidentally spoiling stuff:

So obviously Chadwick Boseman did NOT want to end up with the reputation that Tom has of giving away major story lines in his movies before they’re even released.

Safe to say, he did a fantastic job at it, have a look at the interview:



So naturally because this is a funny and slightly awkward interview, the words “I’m Dead” have been taken by Twitter users and been put to use in a LOT of hypothetical situations, and we can’t stop laughing!




We can’t

So, Chadwick may have become a meme, but we reckon it’s a much better position to be in than one where he completely spoils the movie.

Something tells us this meme will be around for a long time especially when being used in GIFS to reply to people on twitter when you’ve nothing better to say.

Image result for rolling eyes robert downey jr

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