By Cate McCurry, PA

Level 5 restrictions will be extended until April 5th, with construction remaining shut for another month.

Last night the cabinet sub-committee on COVID agreed to the extension, with sign-off expected from the full Cabinet this afternoon.

People in all counties are increasingly travelling more than 10 kilometres from their homes.

Data from the Central Statistics Office (CSO) indicates that there has been some relaxation of mobility behaviour across the country.

It comes as Covid-19 restrictions on non-essential travel are in place, with people asked to stay within five kilometres of their home for exercise.

The CSO data shows that an estimated 66.7 per cent of the population stayed within 10 kilometres of their home during the week ending February 12th.

The Staying Local Indicator (SLI) shows that Dublin continues to be the county with the highest percentage of the population staying local at 79.7 per cent.

The CSO said this reflects its urbanised nature and access to services, compared to other counties.

The SLI data shows travel patterns in different counties over seven days.

Roscommon saw the highest decrease in mobility adherence for the week ending February 12th.

A spokesman for the CSO said: “Propensity to stay within 10km of residence tends to differ by county, as movement is impacted by local circumstances and conditions, such as access to services and levels of urbanisation.

“For example, Dublin, with a high level of urbanisation, consistently shows the highest percentage of persons staying local, while Mayo and Roscommon, with low levels of urbanisation, have the lowest percentage of persons staying within 10km of home.”

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