As people head back to work, we want to feel safe in the knowledge that our office or factory environment is as safe as it possibly can be.

While hand sanitizers, staggered lunch breaks and even temperature monitors all help create a more hygienic workplace, one of the most effective measures in preventing the spread of COVID-19 is effective social distancing.*

The solution? A rearranged floor plan. But it’s not as easy as it sounds…

Let’s face it, working out where each desk or machine should go is a right headache, but what if you could ensure safe social distancing at your workplace at the click of a button?

Enter Tir 3d, a Carlow-based land surveying firm that’s employing a technique usually seen on building sites to ensure your office or factory is COVID-ready.

“We’re a company that measures buildings and roads to millimetre accuracy,” says Tir 3D managing director Marion English. “What we do spreads across a lot of industry sectors. For example, if you’re building a motorway, we would set out where drains or overhead signage would go.”

Office Scan Sample

It’s this expertise which has translated seamlessly to their COVID-19 Social Distance Mapping service.

“We laser scan buildings by taking hundreds of ‘images’ – creating point-cloud data. These ‘images’ are compiled into a measurable visualization of the building, the rooms, the content of each room – everything that’s in it,” explains Marion.

“Rather than somebody walking around the office with a measuring tape, we start with a blank floor plan, before virtually moving the desks, chairs or machines in and out of the plan to maximise the placement of the objects most effectively.”

The result is a safer and more functional working environment with the smallest possible time investment.

Refigured Floor Plan Sample

Given that Tir 3d‘s bread and butter is measurement, it comes as no surprise that this expansion comes as second nature. Technical Director Jeff Hott adds that the company has so far worked with crèches and offices while a number of schools are interested in utilizing the tech before they reopen in September.

“The plans we’ve already provided to offices have allowed them to reconfigure their workspace so that they could get their staff back into that space safely and within the 2m distancing required. Work with one crèche is ongoing whilst they wait for further guidelines and clarification from the Government,” notes Jeff.

“As we have already scanned the premises, we have the ‘blank canvass’ to work with for the final reconfiguration, once the full suite of guidelines are in place for the childcare sector.”

If you’re interested in social distance mapping your business, give Marion a call on 059 972 3337 or email [email protected], you can also tap here for more info.

*Source: World Economic Forum, March 2020

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