People who are now working from home are being advised to check their surroundings before taking part in video conference calls and know when their camera is on.

Due to the coronavirus outbreak, more and more people are working remotely with meetings taking place online.

But some participants are forgetting to check when their camera is active, with videos of workers taking calls on their toilet seat emerging on social media in recent days.

“Know the information you’re going to share, know the environment in which you’re going to share it in” said Louise McKeown, Marketing Director of Magnet Networks, who says it’s important people know when they’re being watched.

“Also check your camera settings before you participate in a call.

“Before the call happens, log in, check the camera, which way the camera is pointing. And also look what your colleagues will see.

“Look behind you, remove the pile of ironing if it’s sitting there!

“Try to make it as neutral a background as possible.”


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